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CredCripto is powerful yet simple to use feature rich PHP script made with Laravel for managing your investment, HYIP and crypto trading websites websites. You don't need any programming knowledge to use CredCripto, You can launch your investment website online in few minutes and make all customizations directly from the admin interface.

Developered By:

Thank you for purchasing CredCrypto, for support and support and assitance, visit our support page and create a support ticket or send and email to support[at] . We will continually update this script and add new features. If you need a feature or payment system that is not yet implemented on our script, send your feature request to us and we will include it in the future updates.


  1. Fully customizable front end pages
  2. 10+ Automatic payemt gateways
  3. Unlimited offline payment gateways [bank, crypto and others]
  4. Crypto Trading - Addon
  5. Coin Staking - Free Addon
  6. Bot Trading - Free Addon
  7. 270+ crypto and fiat currencies supported
  8. Automatic Currency conversion using CredAPI
  9. KYC System - Free Addon
  10. P2P Balance Transfers - Free Addon
  11. Unlimited Fixed and ROI Investment plans
  12. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Monthly and Yearly ROI return
  13. Crypto, Bank and Peer-2-Peer Withdrawal Wallet support
  14. Powerful Referral System
  15. Crypto Loan System - Free Addon
  16. Advanced Admin and User Profile management
  17. Login, Withdraw and Loan OTPs
  18. SMTP Email
  19. Email Notifications For All Activities to User and Admin
  20. Support Ticket System Free Addon
  21. Easy Installation wizard using IchieInstaller
  22. Customizable Email Template and Emails
  23. Multi Theme support [currently one]
  24. Livechat System
  25. WhatsApp chat system
  26. Google Translate
  27. Automatic Blog posts using CredApi
  28. Google Rechaptcha [Bot Protection]
  29. Login as user [Admin can login a user]
  30. Full Admin Control and Customization from admin backend
  31. Powerful transaction log system for Deposits, Loans, Withdrawal, Earnings and Bonus
  32. Illustractive Charts and Summaries
  33. Admin Credit/Debit User
  34. User management
  35. Custom CSS, Custom JS and Custom PHP
  36. File Manager, Code Editor


  1. Crypto Trader - premium
  2. Bot Trader - premium
  3. Coin Staking - premium
  4. Loan System - free
  5. P2p Transfer - Free
  6. Support Ticket - free
  7. Manual Deposit System - free
  8. Payment System - free
  9. Cashmaal Payment System - free
  10. Coinbase Payment System - free
  11. CoinGate Payment System - free
  12. Flutterwave Payment Systemt - free
  13. Monnify Payment System - free
  14. Paypal Payament System - free
  15. RazorPay Payment System - free
  16. Stripe Payment System - free
  17. KYC System - free
  18. CredCrypto Auto Updater - free


We are working to bring more themes to CredCrypto, this way, you can use a single script to build several websites that won't resemble each other. below is a list of all available themes.

  • Cryptic Theme
  • Custom html template integration: We can integrate an custom html template from themeforest or elsewhere. contact support
  • Visit CredCrypto Themes to get all other approved themes ready for installation

Server Requirements

Before proceeding to install this application, make sure that your server meets the following requirements

  1. PHP version 8.1+
  2. MySQL version 5.6+
  3. BCMath PHP Extension
  4. Ctype PHP Extension
  5. CURL PHP Extension
  6. Fileinfo PHP Extension
  7. GD PHP Extension
  8. GMP PHP Extension
  9. JSON PHP Extension
  10. Mbstring PHP Extension
  11. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  12. PDO PHP Extension
  13. PDO_MYSQL PHP Extension
  14. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  15. XML PHP Extension
  16. Zip PHP Extension
Addional Server Requirements

If you want to use any of the addons, make sure to install the ionCube Loader on your server

These are recommended server environment variable. These are mostly important during installation.

  1. max_allowed_packet: 200M
  2. max_execution_time: 5000
  3. max_input_time: 5000
  4. memory_limit: 1000M
  5. post_max_size: 750M
  6. upload_max_filesize: 750

Folder Permission

  1. /core/bootstrap/cache :0775
  2. /core/storage :0775
  3. /core/storage/app :0775
  4. /core/storage/framework :0775
  5. /core/storage/logs :0775

Hosting Guide

Credcrypto can be installed on any hosting with the above mentioned requirements. However, we recommend cpanel based hosting.

We offer free installation on when you purchase up to premium addons


Step 1: Upload to the root of your application or subdomain you wish to install on. Extract and move all folders and file from the Files Folder to the public_html or root of your subdomain

Step 2: Ensure that .htaccess file is located in the public_html or root of your subdomain. the file structure should look like this;


Step 3: Visit and the installation wizard will be launched


Step 4: Verify server Requirements and click on Next Icon


Step 5:Verify File Permissions and click on next icon


Step 6: Enter Databse credentials


Step 7: Enter your purchase code and set admin login details


Step 8: Click on "Execute" to finish the installation. You will be redirected to the admin login page


Theme Manager

Before you start customizing the appearance of your website, such as editing the css, texts, and js on the balde files, it is important to create a custom/child theme.

theme builder

This is to avoid losing your customizations when there is a new update. This way, all your customizations would be retained after updates that aftected blade files, css, and javascript.

How to Create Custom Theme

From the Theme manager menu items (screenshot above), click on create new theme and follow the steps below;
theme builder

  1. Theme Name: Enter the name of your theme. This can be any pattern e.g Cloppy Theme, cloppy_theme, etc. It would be formated properly automatically.
  2. Background Color: Enter your preferred primary background color, if you wish to return the original backround color, leave the field as its prefilled.
  3. Theme Status: Select active if you wish to set this theme to active as oon as its created.
  4. Build From: There are two options here;
    a. Cryptic
    b. Skeleton
    Choose Cryptic if you wish to make minor modifications. This would build your theme from the default theme and retain all styling.
    Choose Skeleton if you wish to build a completely custom theme, this would strip all the designs and build from the skeleton.
  5. Click the save button and your new theme would be created.

How to Edit Your Newly Created Theme

After your theme is successfully created, the system will generate all neccessar blade files and assets.

Blade Files are stored in core/resources/views/themes/your-theme-name

Assset Files such as css, js, and media are stored in public/assets/themes/your-theme-name

If you are on local environment, you can edit with your preferred code editor or from the built in file manager code editor. If you are on live/online-staging environment, you can edit from your hosting file editor or from the built in file manage code editor.

How to Export Custom Themes

After making customizations to your newly built theme, you can export it and make it installableon other websites. To export your theme, click on the Theme Manager menu item and follow the steps in the screenshot below below;

theme builder

  1. These are quick nav buttons
  2. Default Themes are not exportable.
  3. Edit Icon for editing theme
  4. Delete Icon for deleting a theme, theme deletion requires password re-confirmation and can't be reversed once initiated
  5. Export Icon: Click here to export your your theme. The export would be store as an archive (.zip) and can be found by navigating to the theme upload and archive page. Exported themes are downloadable

How to Upload New Themes

Aside being able to create a custom theme, you can also upload other themes build by the CredCrypto Dev team or other developers. To upload a new theme, navigate to themes upload and archive page by clicking Upload & Archive from the theme manager menu item and follow the steps below.

theme builder

  1. Select the the file you want to upload and click on upload. The upload would verify that you have chosen a valid theme and install it if all condition are met. If there is any error during upload, it will prevent the installation and outline all errors.
  2. Archive Download: you can download a previously exported archive from here.
  3. Install: You can install a previously exported/downloaded archive from here.
  4. Delete Archive

Settings and Configurations

All Settings are self explanatory, we have also included a sub-title explanations in blue ink to give you insight on the appropriate settings value.

Set your cronjob to at least 5 minutes:

  • wget -q -O- >/dev/null 2>&1
  • wget -q -O- >/dev/null 2>&1
  • wget -q -O- >/dev/null 2>&1

Visit CredCrypto Docs for more detailed addon specific configuarations.

Updating to V2.0.4

Follow the steps below to update your installation to v2.0.4

  • Back you your config file, core/config/credcrypto.php
  • Backup your env file, core/.env
  • Re-upload, the script to your server
  • Re-Install, but create new database table.
  • After installation, update .env with your privous env
  • Add this line at the end of your .env file, APP_VERSION="2.0.4"
  • Update your config file with your previous config file
  • Clear Cache

Change Log

V3.0 : March 10, 2023

  • [PATCH] Addon Installer exceptions
  • [Add] Optional Email Queue
  • General Security update

V2.0.4 : Jan 1, 2023

  • [Add] Algo Theme - For Trading
  • [Add] Prius Theme - for HYIP
  • [PATCH] Bug fixes
  • General Security update

V2.0.3 : Dec 19, 2022

  • [PATCH] Bug fixes
  • General Security update

V2.0.2 : Dec 13, 2022

  • [FIX] Server 503 Error on Bytcode Security
  • [REMOVE] CredBytecode Security
  • General Security update

V2.0 : Dec 12, 2022

  • [FIX] Server 503 Error on Bytcode Security
  • [REMOVE] Domain signed Bytcode
  • General Security update

V1.0.2 : Dec 5, 2022

  • [Add] Updater Compatibility
  • [FIX] User Signup bug
  • [FIX] KYC disabled bug
  • General Security update

V1.0 : Nov 20, 2022

  • Initial Release